Hidden Revealed

HiddenRevealed-CoverThe three waves of storms that stomped over the Twin Cities that evening were unprecedented.  As the reader will discover, there were far more than 6 tornadoes that have been suggested by antiquated history.  Many eyewitness reports collaborate with WCCO radio reports along with other authorities.  It is not my intention to discredit earlier theories but to enhance this information with new documentation and proclaim the presence of GOD which appeared to thousands that night.

To purchase authentic autographed copies or
schedule a presentation for your church, school or community
please contact:

Allen W. Taylor


$30.00 plus $5.00
shipping and handling (checks are welcome)

210 pages / 7.25 x 9.5

A generous portion of the proceeds of your sale benefit The Fridley Historical Society and The Minnesota Historical Society.

We appreciate your interest in our historical projects.

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